NGO Presentations

11th of July 2020

09:00 – 10:30: Presentation of the project „Discovering European Neighbors in the Third Age (DENTA)” Erasmus+ Partnership 2019-2021

Moderators: Carmen Rouhiainen, ILEU, Ulm; Silvia Dabo-Cruz, U3A Frankfurt


How does the everyday life of our European neighbours looks like in the 3rd age? This is what older and younger learners try to find out in 8 working groups from 6 different countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Germany, France, Italy). Through interviews, portraits are created which reflect everyday situations, social commitment but also challenges of older people. The new media are very important in local and international cooperation. Through international cooperation across generations a contribution is made to European international understanding. In the workshop, members of different groups will present and discuss their first results.

09:00 – 10:30: SI DANUBE, a network within the women’ organization “Soroptimist International (SI)”

Moderators: Carmen Stadelhofer, SI Ulm-Donaustadt; Anette Schmidt, SI Ulm-Donaustadt, President of SI Danube
Soroptimist international is an organisation with a special focus on the socio-political commitment of working women. Within the initiative SI DANUBE 10 clubs from Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Germany meet to create a Danube axis within Europe. Based on soroptimistic principles, the aim is to create project work within an informal network in order to promote the European civil society of the Danube countries.

In the workshop, members of different groups will present their work on site and the results of the joint project DANUBIUS.

10:30 – 11:00: SIE’STE – a center for girls and women
„Mother centers international network for empowerment (MINE)”  
Moderator: Viktoria Kurnosenko, ILEU, Ulm

SIE’STE is an association with an offer especially for women and girls. The premises in Ulm serve simultaneously as a meeting place and a location for events, e.g. lectures on sustainable health prevention. But also excursions

MINE is an association of self-governing, public spaces where mothers and children of different origins can meet every day.  They meet together to improve the life of families and communities, to demand recognition for their daily work, to promote the creation of social contacts and to actively fight against poverty and social exclusion.

The AGAPEDIA Foundation focuses specifically on project work to support children in need. Through consulting services as well as through the planning and organization of humanitarian aid projects, the aim is to help out affected children directly and to support in this way a sustainable social development.

11:00 – 12:00 „European Federation of Older Persons (EURAG)“  
“European Federation of Older Students (EFOS)”  
“Danube-Networkers for Europe e.V. (DANET)”

Moderator: Carmen Stadelhofer. ILEU, Ulm


EURAG is considered to be the oldest and largest Europe-wide organization for senior citizens. It’s based on a network of associations, institutions, experts and committed people with up to 152 representations in 33 European countries. The main idea of the work is to secure and to improve the quality of life of senior citizens on a social as well as on a political level.

The European Federation of Older Students at Universities (EFOS) has representatives throughout Europe. Its aim is to promote the education of older people alongside young students. But it also focuses on securing access to education for older people, representing the interests of academic education for older people in politics and society, and cooperating with other international organizations to support the process of lifelong learning.

The international association “Danube-Networkers for Europe (DANET e.V.)” sees its mission primarily in the creation of meetings of people from the different Danube countries, both on the level of organizations and on the level of citizens of all age groups, ethnic groups and life situations. Through joint projects the Danube neighbors should get to know each other better, prejudices should be reduced and European awareness of citizens should be strengthened. In this cooperation, new activating methods in adult education are applied, including the new media.

11:00 – 12:00 Center for Studies in Cultural Development (CSCD); Serbia
The Writers’ League, Timisoara, Romania  
Public Open University Zagreb (POUZ)

Moderator: Mrs. Olivera Rakic, ILEU, Ulm


The Serbian organization “Zaprokul” as “Institute for the Study of Cultural Developments” in Belgrade focuses its work on cultural participation and the promotion of cultural needs of population groups with the long-term goal of sustainable development of cultural and natural heritage.

The association “The Writers`League, Banat Branch” is supported by committed people who are interested in literature and literary writing. The own artistic creation as well as the own artistic expression should be promoted. At the same time, lifelong educational projects as well as cultural events with a cross-generational focus are organised. “The Writer`s League” is a founding member of DANET e.V.

The “Public University of Zagreb (POUZ)” is the largest non-profit adult education institution in Croatia. Its main work is in vocational adult education for the labour market, but it also offers learning opportunities for senior citizens. Its aim is to develop and implement lifelong learning concepts with a focus on socially disadvantaged groups.

12:00 – 13:00 Donaubüro (Danube Office) Ulm/Neu-Ulm 
EcoResource, Ukraine  
University of Ruse Angel Kanchev, Bulgaria 
“Slovenian Third Age University, Ljubljana”

Moderator: Viktoria Kurnosenko, ILEU, Ulm


As a non-profit limited company, the Danube Office Ulm/Neu-Ulm works as a project agency for interregional cooperation in the Danube countries. Civic activities, municipal and Europe-wide projects are supported in order to promote encounters and exchange in the Danube region.

The University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev” is considered as an autonomous technical university. It contains also an inter-university Europe Centre and promotes international student exchanges within the framework of the Erasmus program.

The Centre “EcoResource” started as an NGO in Ukraine with the aim to develop a first concept for cross-border cooperation. Based on different requirements of European regions, neighborhood programs are offered and developed to promote sustainable socio-economic development of the border regions.

The “Slovenian University of the Third Age” in Ljubljana is a voluntary educational movement. The target groups of this initiative are people over 50, mostly retired people, but also older, unemployed workers. Its objectives are to provide those people with access to culture and education, to train mentors and specialists, but also to develop new educational programs for senior citizens and other adults.