Workshop 2: Fostering Communication and Cooperation between Organisations and beyond via New Media Tools

Between real and virtual. New forms of senior learning communities.

Speaker: Carmen Stadelhofer, President of ILEU/DANET

Older adults, being one of the most vulnerable groups during COVID-19 pandemic due to the social distancing requirements, often find themselves socially isolated and experience loneliness and depression. New forms of lifelong learning through different new media tools can make a difference, but how to inspire and encourage the older adults to use them? In this workshops we will have a look at the new forms of blended learning and the best-practice examples.

Creating meaningful and engaging space online – wisdom and experience exchange through new media tools in times of COVID-19

Speakers: Andrea Laux  (Germany)

Emese Dömösi (Hungary), Mother Centers International Network for Empowerment e.V.

Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, more than ever we need to bring people together, so we can help each other keep patient, stay wise, be kind and generate our collective wisdom. The presentation will offer five ingredients to hold and create lively and bonding online spaces.