Workshop 3: Youth Participation and Empowerment in the Danube Region

Moderator: Iryna Gumenchuk, AGAPEDIA Foundation

Speakers: Constanta Ceban, AGAPEDIA Moldova

Tomislav Milunov, Volunteer humanitarian center, Vrsac, Serbia

Mobilizing young people to solve community problems – best practice examples of social volunteering from Moldova and Serbia

The aim of the workshop is to share and exchange good and bad practices regarding young people’s involvement on the local level in the Danube Region as well as compiling a set of tools and methods on youth participation online and offline. The workshop consists of two parts: 1) short inputs from Serbia about the humanitarian volunteer work during COVID-19 pandemic and from Moldova about young volunteers helping elderly in small villages and local youth involvement; 2) group work and discussion: exchanging experience, successes and failures as well as sharing tools and methods, which help to involve young people online and offline before, during and after COVID-19 pandemic.