Workshop 5: Effects of Migration on People remaining in Countries of Departure in eastern Europe

Just work? Bulgarian labour migration of women to Italy and the moral economy of care

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ana Luleva, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia

Since the early 1990s, female labour migration from Bulgaria has become a common practice and has acquired unprecedented dimensions. In this workshop Ana Luleva will address the characteristics of the most popular form of the Bulgarian female labour migration to Italy, namely work as caregivers of old people, sick family members and children. The specificity of work – from the decision to get employed abroad as domestic care workers – through its practice to its meaning for the families of the female migrants marks it as an intersection point of pure economic goals and relationships, on the one hand, and moral ones, on the other.

Empty homes: The psychological impact of migration on the Romanian population

Speaker: Ema Staicut, Timisoara, Romania, “Homing” Project

We live in a world where we seem to return to our migratory nature. 

A lot of focus is placed on the effects of migration- mostly from the perspective of the ones choosing this journey or the countries receiving a great influx of people. 

Few observe what the effects are on the people remaining „behind“. 

Based on the research that we have undergone with our HOMING project in Romania and Germany, we will look at the psychological impact on the people that stayed in Romania, while most of the population has or is packing their bags. 

How does our home change when everyone is gone?