Workshop 4: New care models and impacts

Providing home care services in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. New challenges

Speaker: Ecaterina Mardarovici, AGAPEDIA Moldova

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Providing care under the caregiver’s own quarantine? On the example of Red Cross Serbia

Speakers: Dr. Milutin Vracevic, Red Cross Serbia

Natasa Todorovic, Red Cross Serbia

„Providing care under the caregiver’s own quarantine – on the example of Red Cross Serbia activities“

Older persons were affected on several levels. Not only in Serbia but across the world. And they had several different fears to deal with. We have different activities at different levels.  It was great to see active older volunteers of the Red Cross of Serbia switch to volunteering via telephone and through telephone circles. They provided peer support but also provided support to them by contacting institutions – healthcare, social welfare or police – on behalf of their peers. Telephone circles became more popular throughout the country and are still active and soon we will start telephone circles based on affiliation.

We need to have clear protocols on how institutions and services switch from regular to emergency modes of functioning. And they have to be able to do it all at once so that older persons don’t lose access to services for a while. Because the services older persons need regularly are even more essential in emergencies.

As in other emergencies, we must ask ourselves how much are older persons recognized in relief, both for their vulnerability and their strength. In order to make our responses efficient we also need to recognize that not everyone is vulnerable in the same way so we need a diverse approach.